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  • AladdinsLamp Aladdin’s Lamp

      Aladdin is a classic rags-to-riches story where the main character comes upon a magic lamp and is granted all his heart's desires by the genie that lives within. But our hero must defeat an evil sorcerer before living happily ever after.


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UglyDuckling The Ugly Duckling

      The story tells of a homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse from his neighbors until, much to his delight (and to the surprise of others), he matures into a graceful swan, the most beautiful bird of all. The story is beloved around the world as a tale about personal transformation for the better.


JackBeanstalk  Jack and the Beanstalk

      The story tells of a boy named Jack who was sent to market one day by his mother to sell their last possession, the cow. As Jack was on his way he met a stranger who offered to barter five "magic" beans for the cow. Jack accepted the trade and returned back home with the beans in his pocket.



  • Cinderella  Cinderella

      Once there was a widower who married a proud and haughty woman as his second wife. She had two daughters who were equally vain. By his first wife, he'd had a beautiful young daughter who was a girl of unparalleled goodness and sweet temper. The Stepmother and her daughters forced the first daughter to complete all the housework.

          The moral of the story is that beauty is a treasure, but graciousness is priceless. Without it nothing is possible; with it, one can do anything


BeautyBeast Beauty and the Beast

      A beautiful, but self-absorbed prince gets the chance to help an old raggedy lady, but he treats her badly. She turns out to be a beautiful woman with magical skills and she throws the prince into a spell of ugliness and loneliness.


  • ThreePigs Three Little Pigs

      The story begins with the title characters being sent out into the world by their mother, to "seek their fortune.  The three little pigs venture into an outside existence which turns out to be fraught with danger.


  • PeterRabbit Peter Rabbit

      Mother Rabbit has forbidden her children to enter the garden of Mr. McGregor: it was there that their father met his untimely end and became the ingredient of a pie. However, while Mrs. Rabbit is shopping and the girls are collecting blackberries, Peter sneaks into the garden. There, he gorges on vegetables until he gets sick, and is then chased about by Mr. McGregor.


  • PeterPan2Peter Pan

      A mischievous boy who can fly and magically refuses to grow up, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang the Lost Boys, interacting with mermaids, Indians, fairies, and pirates, and from time to time meeting ordinary children from the world outside.


  • VelveteenRabbit The Velveteen Rabbit

      A boy receives a Velveteen Rabbit for Christmas. The Velveteen Rabbit is snubbed by other more expensive or mechanical toys, the latter of which fancy themselves real. One day while talking with the Skin Horse, the Rabbit learns that a toy becomes real if its owner really and truly loves it.


  • TreasureIsland Treasure Island

      An old sea dog comes to this peaceful inn one day, apparently intending to finish his life there. He hires Jim to keep a watch out for other sailors, but despite all precautions, he is hunted out and served with the black spot that means death.


  • AliceWonderland Alice in Wonderland

      It tells the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures.


  • WizardofOz The Wizard of Oz

      Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the Land of Oz.  Here she meets some memorable friends in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home



  • AChristmasCarol A Christmas Carol

      A mean-spirited, miserly old man named Ebenezer Scrooge sits in his counting-house on a frigid Christmas Eve.  Later that evening Scrooge receives a visit from the ghost of his dead partner



  • TellyouOwn2 Create your own (no storybook)


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